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We underestimate our dependence on our bodies. We like to pretend that mind over matter exists that we have some sort of control over our tenuous connection to life but we simply do not. For all the thought we put into our bodies appearance and capabilities that isn't what they are for. Our bodies are not vessels we can leave, or abstract. Our bodies keep us alive... Especially when one is sick or injured, while the emotional lived experience is immensely important it is vulnerable to the physicality of the body. The body is not an abstract concept your body, my body, my fingers typing these words whether you decide to focus on the body or not the body exists. The body is resolute. The body is your body. You are not separate from it. 

HFATES (2020)

16mm film, edited digitally

2.5 minutes

Winner of Frith Prize 2019-2020

Jinian Harwig

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