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Invisible sCREEN

The goal of this piece is less about augmenting or distorting reality, it is instead about revealing the reality of the digital, the fabric of what it's made of, encouraging it to come to the forefront of the image and celebrate itself.... The digital realm is such an immense gift to the chronically ill I would be remiss to diminish its importance in my life. It was my saving grace mentally and emotionally for years. Perhaps its due to this reason I have enhanced emotional appreciation for the digital, it is not a recreation of our reality to me, not a flat interpretation, rather a door way into a completely different realm. A place one can have an entire existence when the physical reality of their life doesn’t allow you to have much of one.

GIF, Art, Experimental, Texture, Pixels, Rip off face

Invisible Screen(2020)



Jinian Harwig

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