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Tother (2021)


Often at the end of a bath, to prolong the experience, I pull out the plug, and I stay in until all of the water has drained out. I experience an interesting sensation as the last of the water drains it pulls me… pulls me into the tub as if it is trying to pull me down and out the drain. It creates a unique sensation of gravity and belonging. The inspiration for Tother came from this sensation in which I was taking a bath, and I felt as though I was going to sink right in and meld into the curves of the bathtub. I found immense comfort in the concept of blurring the boundaries between myself and the tub. An object that I feel immense gratitude for, an object that protects and nourishes me, releases me from at least one aspect of the effort it takes to be alive.

Jinian Harwig

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